Wayfork is the village where Team TPK first formed. They completed two missions here, one to investigate the attack on a farm by goblins from Dimwood and ascertain if a second goblin war was about to begin (it wasn’t), and the finding and dispersing of death cultists about to open a portal to a demonic portion of The Shadowfell, which would have allowed demons and undead to flood through. The party stopped this from happening.


Wayfork lies between the Sword Coast (west) and the long road (east) known as The Trade Way. It is also sandwiched between the Trollhaunt Forest and Dimwood.

Dimwood is a small, dark wood which the villagers of Wayfork use for lumber and for hunting and trapping. There are some nasty creatures in there, but it is rare that someone is killed by anything. The Redfang Marauder tribe of goblins live in Dimwood. In the past they have attacked Wayfork but paid for it dearly and were nearly wiped out by militia and powerful adventurers.

Trollbark Forest is another matter. No-one from Wayfork goes into Trollbark. If Dimwood is dark, Trollbark is near black, visibility is limited and huge bramble bushes limit your escape routes. Trolls also inhabit the forest, and they are able to smash through the brambles to catch prey, with their wounds from the thorns healing quickly. The trolls rarely come out of Trollbark Forest, they know that to attack the village is to invite retaliation from powerful adventurers or even an army, but they see anyone coming into their forest as fair game.
The Farmlands around are dotted with old ruins although many have been reduced to mere rubble over the years as the stone blocks are taken to build cottages, cold storage, and walls.

Dangers to the Village
Red Fang Mauraders – goblin tribe. Attacked village some years ago but were massacred by a group of powerful adventurers. Now only a shadow of their former glory days. They breed and grow quickly though, and villagers from Wayfolk say it’s only a matter of time.

Occasionally a troll comes out of Trollbark Forest and take livestock and, more rarely, people. The militia have fire and acid weapons for these occasions and are trained in their use.

People and Politics
Nearly half of the farmlands around Wayfork are owned by the noble Ammakyl family of Waterdeep. They rent out most of their lands to some farmers and receive goods and coin in exchange. Other lands are farmed by workers directly employed by the family estate, including a large orchard of various tree fruits and nuts. The Ammakyl estates are managed by Steward Willam Derleson because it is rare for an Ammakyl family member to be present in Wayfork. A junior noble may visit every second year to ensure the estate is being well maintained. The Ammakyl family have a permanent place on the Village Council and William Derleson is their representative on the council.

Wayfork is ruled by a Mayor and a Village Council. The Village Council comprises Jergan the Miller (also currently the Mayor), Danor the priest of Chauntea, Ayla the priestess of Lathander, Captain Josh Rogan of the Wayfork Milita, Bamman Farmer of the Farmer’s Collective, William Derleson the Steward of Ammakyl Estate.

Notable VIPs:
Jergan the Miller – Mayor of Wayfork. Jergan is old and his mill is being run by his sons and their families.

Sherriff Janice Feywine – half elf in charge of crime. She has two deputies, Link and Thor. Link is her brother and well respected, but Thor is a brute and a bully when Janice isn’t around. Janice thinks she should be on the town council.

Firkin Spellfingers – wizard and master of wizards apprentices. Has no interest in being on the town council although has been asked many times.

Ayla, Priestess of Lathander – middle aged and stern.

Danor, Priest of Chauntea, in his 60’s, chubby and affable. Is also losing his faculties, but can hide it by sticking to what he knows. Those closest to him know, and are unsure what to do.

Bamman Farmer – Chairman of the Farmer’s Collective, stern and humourless, concerned with getting the best deal for independent farmers when negotiating with merchants.

William Derleson – Steward of the Ammakyl noble family estates. Easy going, but manages the estate fairly and by the book.


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