Phandalin is located a few days ride south of the city of Neverwinter at the foothills of the Sword Mountains.


The frontier town of Phandalin is built on the ruins of a much older settlement. Hundreds of years ago, the old Phandalin was a thriving human town whose people were firmly allied with the dwarves and gnomes of the Phandelver’s Pact. However, the same orc horde that sacked the mines at Wave Echo Cave laid waste to the settlement, and Phandalin was abandoned for centuries.

In the last three or four years, hardy settlers from the cities of Neverwinter and Waterdeep have begun the hard work of reclaiming the ruins of Phandalin. A bustling frontier settlement has grown up on the site of the old town, and is home now to farmers, woodcutters, fur traders, and prospectors drawn by stories of gold and platinum in the foothills of the Sword Mountains. Gold and other precious metals are being found, but not in enough quantities to trigger a gold rush. Usually the prospectors will make a few finds a year which keeps them operating, just hoping for the big find.

Unfortunately more than a few bandits and brigands settled there as well, taking advantage of the fact that the area had no local lord or authority to chase them off.

Phandalin has no functioning government, but the townsfolk elect someone to serve as Townmaster each year. The townmaster serves as a judge in minor disputes and keeps any records that need to be kept. The current townmaster is a human banker named Harbin Wester – a fat, pompous old fool if half the stories are to be believed, but a good administrator. He was completely intimidated by the Redbrands criminal gang.

Notable NPCs
Daran Edermath – retired half elf adventurer, owns an apple orchard. Agent of Order of the Gauntlet.
Elmar Barthen – Owns a trading post (Barthen’s Provisions)
Glasstaff – Leader of the Redbrands
Halia Thornton – Guildmaster of the Phandalin Miners’ Exchange. Zhentarim agent.
Harbin Wester – Townmaster of Phandalin.
Linene Graywind – Runs the Phandalin post of the Lionshield Coster.
Qelline Alderleaf – female halfling farmer, has a young son named Carp.
Reidoth the Druid – elderly druid who is one of the custodians of the lands around Phandalin. Knows where Castle Cragmaw is located.
Sildar Hallwinter – Representative of The Lord’s Alliance, and wants to help Phandalin become a civilised community. Friend of Gundren Rockseeker.
Sister Garaele – elf priestess of Tymora, Goddess of Luck, maintains the only shrine in Phandalin. Is a Harper agent. Sister Garaele is also the sister of Igo Puepue.
Toblen Stonehill – proprietor and innkeeper of the Stonehill Inn


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