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This is the wiki for the campaign that Team TPK is playing in. It is set in The Forgotten Realms and areas the group have explored are detailed here.

Player Characters

Bonnie Basher – Dwarf Fighter
Dasira Brassclaw – Dragonborn Cleric
Eric – Human Cleric
Fizbo – Human Wizard
Goldirocks – Elven Wizard
Guinne – Halfling Rogue
Igo Puepue – Elven Ranger
Tai Ni Dong – Human Monk


Current and completed missions and quests
Phandalin Quests
Wayfork Quests

The Forgotten Realms

Sword Coast

Groups and Organisations

Cult of the Dragon
Emerald Enclave
The Harpers
The Lord’s Alliance
Order of the Gauntlet


Gundren Rockseeker
Halia Thornton
Reidoth the Druid
Sildar Hallwinter
Other People in Phandalin

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