Adventures of Team TPK

The Ruined Temple of Chauntea
Rescuing Sister Garaele

Meet Aunt Maggie on the road
The Ruined Temple at a distance – initial combat
The Ruined Temple up close – combat
Igo sneaked around back, attacked
Guinne sneaked – seen and attacked
Igo finds Garaele while fight still going on
Kill the baddies, search around, find stairs
Note stairs have been blocked from below
Go investigate info and find out about the ruined temple.

The Ruined Temple of Chauntea - Part 2
Into the Underdark

Review info
Goblins make contact with Fizbo
Fizbo and Bonnie clear the rubble, Bonnie unable to come on adventure
Investigate Aunt Maggie’s dealings
Enter, find diary, map
Once more unto the breach, dear friends
Grimlocks harvesting fungi
Grell nearly kills TND
Rest in cave
Continue, find Shield of Farsight, get psionic blasted, take eye out
Into mushroom cavern – Simon, Thrall Priests, Grimlocks
Retreat out with Simon (and staff) and Thrall Priest

The Ruined Temple of Chauntea - Part 3
Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Hear Abbot Darovik himself is coming to Phandalin
Town Council discuss whether to close it now
Fizbo gets earth elemental rock
Down into the Underdark again
Traps – Get hit by acid/rocks, Igo gets caught by spectral tendrils, Igo sees green slime
Shield of Farsight
Mushroom Cavern – waves of enemies. Darisa spends most of her time stunned. Discover MF plan to collapse tunnel trapping the party.
Discussion whether to proceed – Goldi goes misty to scout
Assault on Mind Flayer Outpost
Brain in a jar
Find Aunt Maggie has left for a short time. Party speculate if linked to arrival of Abbot Darovik.


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