Bonnie Basher

Gruff ex-soldier and militia commander, Bonnie is the leader of Team TPK


Like most dwarves, Bonnie is short, thick set and doesn’t say six words when one will do. She keeps her reddish brown hair in two thick braids, and her eyes are of a golden brown.

Her favourite weapon is her battleaxe, and she found a magical one that is particularly effective against undead when Team TPK explored some local ruins.


Bonnie doesn’t talk about her past, but everyone knows she was a soldier of a standing army, or perhaps a mercenary company in days past. She left for reasons of her own and found herself as second in command of the Militia at the small village of Wayfork on the Sword Coast, just south of Baldur’s Gate.

Wayfork was mostly quiet, apart from the odd juvenile troll raiding from Trollbark Forest once or twice a year, which were chased back to their homes.

Then when it looked like the first shots were fired in a second Goblin War, Bonnie led a group of young adventurers to investigate. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bonnie Basher

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