Adventures of Team TPK

First Adventure - A Time for Heroes

Avert the Second Goblin War

The Red Fang Mauraders – a goblin tribe – burned farms and performed hit and run attacks on the village. They grew bolder with each attack, and eventually attacked Wayfork itself some years ago but were massacred by a group of powerful adventurers. Now the tribe are only a shadow of their former glory days. They breed and grow quickly though, and villagers from Wayfolk say it’s only a matter of time. Their words seemed prophetic as one night Kerna, a farmer’s wife, arrived in the village calling loudly for aid. Kerna told of how goblins raided her home, stealing livestock and foodstuffs and slaying Otto, her husband. The family fled while their home burned.

The village was put on alert, the militia summoned to protect the village. However as the night hours dragged on, there was no attack on the village. The village council formed a plan and asked for volunteers to go and investigate what happened at Otto’s farm. It appeared no other farms were attacked either, so this did not appear to be a new goblin war. However something had obviously happened to make the goblins attack after nearly a decade of peace. The volunteers were a ragtag bunch, apprentices and acolytes of local dignitaries, a couple of out of town volunteers, and two members of the militia, including Bonnie Basher, the militia corporal and deputy militia commander.

As soon as the volunteer team arrived at the farm they could see something was odd. The barn had been burned down, and footstuff stolen from the house, but Otto’s body looked like someone had tried to give him first aid using herbs and medicines found in the forest. This indicated it was the goblins who had tried to save Otto’s life.

Tracks led away from the farm, and Igo Puepue, the elven ranger was able to easily follow them. It wasn’t long until the goblins were found, making a temporary camp near Dimwood. Contact was made, and the goblins explained their situation. Undead were roaming through Dimwood – skeletons and zombies were coming from the inner, darker area of Dimwood. The goblins could handle these, but then an undead bear arrived at their cave and killed many, including the chief, and drove off the rest. The tribe then splintered into several small bands, each led by a goblin war captain. Rather than combat the bear any longer, the bands fled to different areas of the forest. One band, led by Thrask Three-Teeth, son of Usok One-Fang, fled to a field situated at the forest edge. Thrask was the goblin the party were talking to. He wanted the party to deal with the undead bear, and they would go back to their cave. If the party couldn’t, then the goblins would have no choice but to raid another farm. It wouldn’t be long until other goblin bands joined in and the risk of another goblin war would be increased. Igo Puepue believed Thrask. He had seen a skeleton shambling through Dimwood during a hunting trip and had reported it back to the militia. However Igo had been laughed at and not believed.

The party promised to assist, and returned to the Wayfork to inform the anxious town council of the state of matters. The town council were relieved the goblin war was not imminent, but divided on how to manage it. The party themselves were concerned about how they could tackle a living bear, let alone an undead bear. Goldirocks was a historian and had heard about a weapon that was effective against the undead. It was hidden in Ammakyl Ruins behind something called “a moon door”. Goldi had looked for it previously, but had been unable to move some of the larger stones. Deciding this was a good lead to follow while the Wayfork council bickered, the party got permission from the steward of Ammakyl Estate, William Derleson to explore the ruins, on the proviso that any gems or jewellry rightly belonged to the Ammakyl Estate and should be given back to him. He would allow the party to keep any weapons as reward however. The party agreed and set off, knowing it was a full moon tonight. According to Goldi a moon door would only open on nights of the full moon. They arrived at the ruins and spent a few hours clearing some of the collapsed stonework away, and finally the moon door was discovered on the floor, its outline glowing in the light of the full moon. It was opened and the crypts underneath it were explored. Some of the bodies started moving, and the party had a few battles destroying ancient skeletons in armour. In addition some very large spiders had settled in the crypts, feasting on rats that also inhabited the area, but were also up for human flesh. In the end all foes were defeated, and a magic battleaxe which did extra damage against undead was recovered. Bonnie Basher, already proficient in the weapon, took custody of it.

The next day the village council gave permission for the party to kill the undead bear, with the understanding that the party were to kill all of the goblins if they did not return back to Dimwood afterwards. The party contacted Thrask and explained the situation, and then set off to Dimwood and the cave lair (as explained on a mud map by Thrask). After getting lost only a couple of times, exploring the wrong ruins, running away from an owlbear, encountering and killing undead, and having Igo charmed by a dryad, they finally found the cave. Guinne the rogue went in to investigate and unfortunately triggered one of the few goblin traps that the bear had not yet blundered into. She wasn’t hurt but it made noise and the bear charged after her out of the cave. A battle ensued and the undead bear was killed.

The goblins were delighted, and returned immediately to their cave. Before they went they advised that they were aware humans in robes had been moving through Dimwood, heading for an old keep on a hill at the centre. They thought they might be responsible for the undead stirring, as Dimwood was different, darker somehow.

The party returned triumphant (and wounded) to the village of Wayfork.


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