Adventures of Team TPK

Thundertree - Part 2

Spiders and Cultists

dragon_cultist.jpgThe party decided that night time would be the best time to deal with the cultists. They waited until the early hours of the morning, then went to the farmhouse building identified by Reidoth. Guinne “volunteered” to sneak around and dispatch sleeping cultists, with the rest of Team TPK poised at windows and doors, ready to burst in if she were discovered. Guinne took out the two cultists on watch first – they never saw it coming. Then as she was moving around the building Guinne overheard two cultists talking about “dragon eggs” and how they were going to bully the green dragon into doing what they wanted by holding the eggs as ransom. Apparently they had entered the dragon lair when it was out hunting, but half of their number had died to the blights guarding the lair. They were successful however, and had retrieved 3 dragon eggs.

Guinne was discovered eventually, but had slit the throats of several sleeping cultists. One light sleeper sounded the alarm after he was awoken by a dying cultists, and the party burst in to finish off the rest. After a short battle, in which the party targeted spellcasters first, the cultists were all slain.

ashzombie.jpgThey returned and slept until late into the morning. Reidoth was gone when they awoke, and was gone for most of the day, no doubt doing his rounds of the area. The party went out and explored the rest of the town. They discovered a nest of giant spiders, and used magic fire spells like burning hands to destroy the nest and then arrows and crossbow bolts (and magic missiles) to kill them off. They killed more ash zombies and blights, encountering some larger blights that Igo identified as vine blights which were tougher, bigger, and could make plants and vines entwine around the party to hold them fast. However they were never in great numbers, so Team TPK were victorious in all these encounters.

Reidoth returned in the afternoon with sacks of vegetables and berries, as well as several rabbits which he and Igo skinned and cooked. The party spent a quiet night with Reidoth. The old man told some stories, and talked about his faction – the Emerald Enclave, which were a group of mostly rangers and druids who tried to get nature and civilisation to make room for each other and try and deal with areas of conflict.

They also discussed what to do about the dragon eggs and the dragon Venomfang. Reidoth was all for smashing the eggs, but the party were keen to use them as bargaining chips for the dragon. They discussed various ways they could approach the dragon, or even if it was worth it and they should just assault the monster. Reidoth urged caution, stating that dragons were not like other beasts, even young ones like Venomfang were worthy of respect. Tai Nee Dong wanted the dragon dead or gone, and the party agreed it would have to be one of those two outcomes.
“Or the third outcome is that you are all dead by sundown tomorrow,” said Reidoth. “You wouldn’t be the first adventuring party to underestimate a young dragon.”

The following day they decided to approach the dragon lair, and play it by ear. If the dragon wanted to talk they would listen, if it wanted to fight, they would fight.

To be continued..


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