Adventures of Team TPK

The Return to Phandalin

More information is revealed

It’s been a while since we played this so only the bare bones:-

Gundren is worried about his brothers. He was captured by someone who knew he would have a map of the mine, someone called The Black Spider who used the Cragmaw Castle tribe as mercenaries. There were two doppelgangers, one was Sausage the dog, the other acted as a drow emissary who had been killed in the battle with the Cragmaw leader King Grol the bugbear.

The party returned the diary and the purple kiiara to Agatha the Banshee in Conyberry. She dropped the black kiiara she had been wearing, and transformed into a beautiful ghost who smiled at the party before fading away (with the purple kiiara). Goldi picked up the black kiiara, knowing from the diary it is tainted and will turn whoever wears it evil (if it doesn’t kill them first). She is looking for a way of disposing it.

In Phandalin the goblins spent their time squabbling and bullying each other and anyone else (usually children), and stealing chickens, pies set to cool on windowsills, or anything not nailed down. Eventually, after a few complaints, Fizbo told the goblins they had to leave town and find somewhere to hole up for a while until the party leaves town, when they can join them again. The goblins did so reluctantly (with a few stolen chickens in their pack).

A few days later the party with Gundren headed to Phandelver Mine, meeting the goblins on the way. Fizbo acts as if he were Felonius Gru and they were minions. The party encountered griffons on the way but the creatures fled after a few well-placed missile weapons. On the way they found the bodies of three prospectors, nailed to trees, missing their heads. They arrived at Phandelver mine, only to discover one of Gundren’s brothers body, also missing his head. Gundren stayed outside with the gear, while the party moved into the mine.


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