Adventures of Team TPK

Neverwinter - Part 4

The Gem of Seeing

Exploration of the ancient underground rooms beyond revealed nothing of interest – they were so old just about anything not made of stone had worn or rotted away. In the very last room however, there was a circular pool of water and a 15-foot high archway on the far wall blocked by solid, hard, mud or clay. The archway had interesting stone fish with mouths agape jutting out of the stonework.
water_weird.jpgGuinne examined the archway and detected tiny runes engraved around the fish, leading her to believe there was some kind of trap – although it was not just a trap, it was something else also because peering into the fish mouths revealed they were funnels. Fizbo and Goldi examined the runes and theorised as well as being a trap it was also a way of getting to the next part of the dungeon. Goldi’s detect magic spell revealed the entire archway radiated evocation and transmutation magic.

After some discussion it was decided to take water from the pool and put it into the mouths of the fish. As it turned out, that was what was required, however the pool had a water elemental creature which grabbed Bonnie and near drowned her before she could fight her way out of the pool with the help of the others. The creature was resistant to weapons not imbued with magic, which made it harder. However in the end the pools became calm as the spirit was returned to whence it came after its body was disrupted enough to free it.

Water from the pool was poured into each fish mouth at the same time, and the solid mud liquefied and dissolved, allowing entrance to an area with a well. Guinne volunteered/was volunteered to swim down and investigate. She found that it led down and then up and out of the water to an inner chamber, very old and likely their final destination. She returned and told the others what she had found and they all made the journey to the final chamber.

kuo_toa_skeleton.jpgThe inner vault was a large circular chamber that was 80 feet in diameter; the domed ceiling was 40 feet high. Inscriptions written in Aquan and Undercommon decorated the smooth walls, which were made of a polished green stone that was cold and slimy to the touch; Goldi identified them as prayers to Olhydra, Bwimb, and other powerful entities from the Elemental Planes of Water and Ooze. Most of the vault was submerged; after climbing out of the flooded tunnel that connects the vaults together the party found themselves on a stone landing that rose a foot above the water. There were seven niches in the walls adjoining the landing; each contains a kuo-toa skeleton. Naturally, these skeletons came to life to defend their priest’s last resting place from intruders, but the party were experienced enough now not to have any difficulty dispatching them.

There was a small island on the far side of the flooded area of the vault, and some pillars that everyone thought Guinne should try. Under protest she did so, and found that there were sharks in the water, and that as soon as any weight was put on the pillars they started to sink. She did well at first, hopping from one to the other heading for the island, but then mis-stepped and tumbled into the water and the waiting jaws of a shark. She was badly bitten by the creature, and the others enacted a rescue to bring her back to land. They healed her and asked her to go again. She insisted on someone coming with her this time, and Fizbo obliged. This time they made it without any problems, and landed on the island.

Purple sand covered the rocky island that held the kuo-toa mystic’s sarcophagus; the sand is caustic—Fizbo and Guinne found themselves taking acid damage. The sarcophagus, which is made of the same green stone as the vault, rested atop the island’s highest point; the lid weighed 500 lbs., was carved in the likeness of the kuo-toa mystic, and was cursed. It radiated evil and magic—Fizbo’s knowledge of the Arcane also revealed the blessed lungs curse which would cause the victim’s lungs to continually fill up with brackish water. Guinne had a go at removing the trap – she initially thought she was successful, but when they slid the heavy lid to one side, more runes glowed and for a moment both the wizard and the rogue fought the water rising in their lungs, but they were able to shake it off. Fizbo put it down to the curse being so old it had lost some of its magic strength.

The kuo-toa mystic’s skeletal remains lay beneath a rotting burial shroud. It wore a jade funerary mask (Guinne quickly calculated it would be worth 250 gp), a square, bluish-green aquamarine pendant hanging on a tarnished silver chain (worth 500 gp thought Guinne) and it clutched a magical rod in its bony claws. The gem of seeing rested in the degraded remains of a clam shell, which Fizbo snatched up.

Glad to be out of there, the party retraced their steps back to the surface. They reported to Sergeant Audra and told them about the cultists and the flumph and the troglodytes. She told the party the flumph’s body had already been sent away and she didn’t know or care where. The party decided not to try and recover the body.

Having had enough of Neverwinter for a while, they waited only long enough for Fizbo to have the gem of seeing affixed to the skull he’d been carrying for that purpose. And then they were off, heading for Thundertree.


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