Adventures of Team TPK

Neverwinter - Part 1

Research and Gems

The party made it to the city of Neverwinter. They found a cheapish inn to stay at which kept them fed and housed for their stay at a cost of 1gp per character per day (Guinne bitterly complained about a lack of a pool).

Goldi was researching her lodestone, and Fizbo was researching gems of seeing. They were both able to find supervision from a wizard who had completed his Masters in Wizardry, which cost them an additional 100gp/day each and it will take 1 to 4 days to work out each person’s reason for getting supervision. The wizard, Lund, was a 30 something noble with little chance of inheritance making his own way in the world. He had some experience with magic item creation which he only sold to the nobility.

Goldi – between Golid and Lund they find out that Goldi’s lodestone was actually something else with an illusion cast on it to make it appear as a lodestone. When the illusion was dispelled Goldi found herself in possession of an ioun stone. An ioun stone is a magic item that needed attunement – ie Goldi has to take a short rest and concentrate on the ioun stone and its powers will become known. The stone would provide some benefit but only when activated. To activate it, the stone was thrown into the air and it will begin orbiting the head of the person it was attuned to. The stone can be grabbed and put away as an action, but could also be grabbed by someone else. It is a rare item and valuable. After attuning to the ioun stone, Goldi found that it made her more aware of immediate danger giving her a chance to either react or to act before the attack.


Lund also was working with Fizbo (for 100gp per day and the research would also take 1-4 days) and gave him information about gems of seeing as well as giving a clue as to where one might be found. A wizard named Murgo known to Lund found some old records indicating that centuries ago when Neverwinter was just a small settlement, the people sometimes traded and sometimes made war with a tribe of kuo-toans (fish people). The kuo-toan leader appeared to have one of these gems of seeing and was entombed with it when he died. As Neverwinter expanded and grew into a city the kuo-toans were eventually wiped out or displaced. However a recent survey of the sewers found a tunnel that abutted onto the kuo-toan tomb, but as the surveyors were not adventurers it was left alone and it was consigned to a footnote in the sewer plans. During his research Murgo made the possible connection and went off with a bodyguard to search the sewers for the kuo-toan tomb. Neither he nor the bodyguard were seen again. Lund suggested that Fizbo explore this possibility, as it will save him much money rather than pay for a gem of seeing to be made. For a small(ish) fee Lund would also help Fizbo affix it to the skull. He also suggests that the skull could be altered and made to be wearable headgear which might make it easier to use and could also disguise the valuable magic item.


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