Adventures of Team TPK

Lost Mine of Phandelver

Bare bones again, taken from my notes:

Encounterd Stirges – not surprised. Goldi does detect magic ritual – strong pull of magic northeast (NE).
Skeletons (5) – Eric killed all but 3, goblins betting on outcome.
Decided not to go through fungus, Goldi recognised the spore danger. Perception, hear moaning from NE.
Ghouls (6) surprised and charged, wiped out before they could retaliate
Ghouls (9) not surprised, but Fizbo killed all but 3 with fireball and Goldi killed rest with lightning bolt. Igo feels redundant and inadequate.
(7) looks like a good place to rest
Ochre Jelly (2), Bonnie splits it with axe, but it was badly hurt by then from Ray of Frost (more powerful now) and thrown hammer. Ochre Jelly wounds Bonnie, goblins cast cure wounds to help her.
Area 10 – found Ring of Spell Storing with 2 spells still in it
Goldi scouts in gaseous form, finds bugbears (room 18), a party of drow (room 19).
Plan to kill bugbears goes well. Guinne invis pushes ladder to trap 3 bugbears, Goldi in gaseous form surrounds bugbear acolyte’s head so difficult to breathe and is incapacitated.
Kill acolyte and bugbear chief quickly, then rain spells and missile weapons on 3 bugbears climbing cliff and kill them. The left the dungeon to rest.

Next morning they came back, and took on the drow, with complete success, even though they summoned a demon to help them. It turned out the drow priestess was The Black Spider, she was trying to make a name for herself so she could climb higher up the rankings in her drow House. They found Gundren’s other brother a captive of the drow and rescued him. The Spellforge was glowing blue, and radiating chaotic magic. The drow appeared to have been trying to fix it because it appeared to have been warped over time, possibly by the event known as “The Spellplague” over a century ago. It does not appear useable, and may even be dangerous. Gundren said he would seal up the area where the Spellforge was located until they could find someone to help repair it. In the meantime they would reopen the mine for its main purpose, which was mining mithral.

  • Everyone goes back to town, the goblins go off again (which Guinne is happy about, she suspects one of them might have stabbed her during the fight with the drow, but then the acolyte goblin healed her, so she’s not sure).
  • Gundren and his surviving brother Nundro organise for the mine to start up again. Within a few weeks dwarves started arriving in Phandalin, buying supplies and food, which has increased the town’s prosperity. The mines will not start producing minerals for a year or two yet, but the dwarf miners still need to be provisioned.
  • As no dwarf priest came with the miners, Sister Garaele makes the mines one of her rounds to assist with magical healing for those who need healing from injuries.


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